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The Branch Committee meets four or more times a year and meetings are open to any member to attend. We also have one General Meeting and an Annual General Meeting each year.

With the restrictions associated with COVID 19, our calendar of meetings has moved online and the schedule of meetings for 2024 can be found in the Downloads section.              

Congress Scotland and UK Congress


Possibly the most significant way our members can influence UCU policy is by way of motions presented to Congress Scotland or the UK-wide Congress.

The Branch has a sound record of our Motions being passed and thereby becoming Resolutions. In 2019, our Motions to UCU Scotland Congress on Archiving Congress Resolutions (21), the “Intergenerational Crisis” (22) and The Wider Debate on Pensions (23) were all carried.

At present, arrangements for the UK and Scotland Congresses 2020 have also been moved online.



Total Equality For Students is about equality of opportunity and equal access to time and resources for all regardless of disability, gender, ethnicity or a low income background. This should be the overarching aim of all education that unlocks the full potential in our citizens.

About TEFS

UCU Scotland Retired Members Branch Committee Member Mike Larkin retired at the end of 2016 after 36 years at Queen’s University Belfast teaching Microbiology and Biochemistry. He is Emeritus Professor of Microbial Biochemistry and now lives in Edinburgh.

His weekly Blog Total Equality For Students is part of a campaign to seek equal opportunities for students from all backgrounds. It is hoped that one day at least one UK University or College will be able to boast that it has no disadvantaged students. That each has the same resources and time to study. Even one student failing because of financial pressures on time and resources is a tragedy – one casualty is one too many. Subscribe at or email: